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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015), S01E12: The Sacred Spear of Gungnir Reborn!


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Wearing the Draupnir and Balmung Sword while clad in Odin's God Robe, Aiolia charges at Loki and gains the upper hand with his speed having increased. However, Aiolia does not have much time as the fruit hiding the Spear of Gungnir is about to ripen. Delivering several blows against the false god, Aiolia swears to take him down while Lyfia prays in order to bestow Odin's powers on the Gold Saint. However, she has not been Odin's representative for very long and finds herself weakening quickly.

While Frodi defends Lyfia from the Einherjar, Aiolia and Loki's vicious battle resumes until the fruit finally opens and reveal the Spear of Gungnir. Relieved to see the weapon finally uncovered, Loki's happiness is quickly turned into horror as Aiolia delivers a fatal blow that sends him falling down on the spear which impales him.

Believing victory to have been achieved, Aiolia and Aiolos are shocked to see Loki emerging from the spear, having been recognized as its true master. The god then proceeds to deliver one crushing impact towards the two Gold Saints which shatters the Odin Robe in the process.

With nothing to stop him, Loki finds Lyfia who has lost her strength bestowed by Odin and now prays. Blasting away Sigmund and Frodi who attempts to defend her, Loki is shocked as his attack misses Lyfia by an inch. Hearing a familiar voice, he turns around to see Aiolia and Aiolos in their Gold Cloths again which was revived by Lyfia's prayers. Furious, Loki pursues the two Gold Saints and attempts to shoot a blast at Aiolia, but the attack instead is neutralized. Wondering what just happened, Loki suffers several other attacks until he notice his spear is resonating with something.

Just then, all twelve Gold Saints surround Loki, revealing themselves to be alive and well. Asking how it's possible, the Gold Saints reveal that since he captured Aphrodite first, who is immune to poison, he was able to keep the other Gold Saints safe by keeping them in an apparent state of death. Angry at having failed to kill the Gold Saints, Loki prepares himself as all twelve Gold Saints state they will defend the world before the final battle begins.

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